Fancy a convertible?

By Alexandra Bryan

Dream of driving a soft top, but can never quite afford it? Well, now could be the best time to get your hands on one.  

Traditionally, as the weather changes, convertible car prices do too! Yes, demand is low, but that means prices are suppressed and the joy of driving your dream convertible is more achievable than ever.

At first thought, the drop in the demand makes sense. Soggy weather, soggy roof? Less weight, worse handling? Convertible roof, fiddly mechanisms? No!

These are misconceptions as convertibles are now sophisticated vehicles, mostly ready to tackle our UK winters (even if they do seem to be gradually getting worse!). Most fabric top convertibles boast multi-layer fabric roofs that do protect against the elements and do provide a high level of insulation meaning you won’t be shivering as you take in the views on crisp winter mornings. The car we look at specifically today, The BMW Series 2 Convertible offers rear-wheel-drive handling and rock-solid reliability and well, the roof is an automatic dream that will open and close at the touch of a button. 

 Now we have put the misconceptions to bed, let’s have a look at pricing. We are utilising data from our friends at LeaseLoco which shows the price dropping at a considerable rate! Although, if you think a convertible is right for you move quickly as based on previous years on comments from various experts on WHATCAR? The best prices for convertibles are available between now and Christmas.  

***The above graph shows the average price per month for leasing a BMW 2 Series Convertible. This data has been screen grabbed from

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