The updated Jaguar XE, what we really think.

By Alexandra Bryan
Sitting in the midsized executive saloon genre, the Jaguar XE really is a strong contender for best in show. Thanks to the perfect mixology of design and technology, the Jaguar XE boasts the dynamics of a BMW, and the opulence of a Mercedes. Not only that, it is consistently voted the best handling car in its class.

If you are looking for sophistication, luxuriousness and a touch of class while benefiting from a rear wheel drive, 249bhp turbocharged petrol engine capable of 0-60 in 6.2 seconds, then we are pretty confident this car could be for you.

With a more assertive design than its predecessor the front end of the new XE certainly gives off a more aggressive feel with its wide apertures and a more noticeable grill, with sharpened edges giving a modernised look. The new headlights are 12mm slimmer with a striking J blade daytime running light that automatically senses upcoming drivers and adapts to avoid dazzling others. A subtle touch is the hidden monogram within the headlights which again screams splendour. Taking a look at the rear headlights, they are now an LED chicane design that is a nod to the popular E-Pace whereas the previous rear lights were circular, reminiscent of the E Type.

Being inside the car is more of an experience than a standard everyday act, with the interior delivering comfort and quality for both driver and passengers. Even on the base model, the quality of the material is nothing but impressive, with soft touch panelling, premium veneers and door trims that not only improve the look, but also the practicality.

Moving on from the luxurious interior it’s clear there has been a gargantuan step forward with technology as well. Elements are taken from the I-Pace, such as a lavish steering wheel with hidden until lit buttons that again scream opulence. The centre console really excels on previous models with an impressive 10-inch display with touch pro computer allowing you to feel nothing but connected throughout your journey or commute. The previous rotary gear lever has been replaced with a trigger that feels more natural to use than the older style, twist to control. Even the rear-view mirror has been updated, taking lead from the Range Rover Evoque, a camera has been fitted to the roof of the vehicle which is beamed onto the mirror giving a clear view regardless of passengers, or angle.

We think as a midlife update, the XE this has taken phenomenal steps forward with these comprehensive changes, and that to drive this car would be an absolute pleasure rather than just a basic commute or journey.

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