Leasing - should you opt for maintenance and how much does it really cost?

By Adele Barry

One of the main reasons our customers choose to lease is for the hassle-free motoring it provides. 

Fixed monthly payments for a brand-new car, delivered straight to your door. However, some decide to go one step further and choose a lease with maintenance.

By opting for maintenance your hassle-free motoring becomes, well, even more hassle free.

Spending a few pounds per month means replacement tyres are included along with heaps of other services such as oil changes, general servicing, air filters, clutch, brake pads, gearbox, air-conditioning and MOT.

The full range of services on offer will depend on your individual funder but most will provide a dedicated helpline team, online service booking and a collection and drop-off service.

Some funders even go as far as providing accident management services, de-damage control and warranty claim handling.

Those used to a company car will notice hardly any difference in the service offered and this is one of the reasons people opt for a lease vehicle which includes maintenance.

The price of including maintenance can vary depending on a range of factors such as what car you have, how many miles a year you drive and how long your lease is.

Someone with a Citroen C1, over 10,000 miles a year will only be looking at around £20 or so a month where as a Range Rover Sport doing the same miles a year could be closer to £50 a month.

Just to give an idea, here are some examples of maintenance costs, all based on 10,000 miles per year and a three-year contract:

Vehicle maintenance cost per month including VAT (Source Autoserve):

Citroen C1 1.0VTi Feel £22.73
Volkswagen Golf 20TDi 184ps GTD £28.37
Ford Focus 2.0TDCi 150 Titanium Ecoblue £26.59
Ford Transit Custom 280 L1 2.0TDCi 130 Trend £23.17
Land Rover Sport SDV6 HSE Auto £52.86

* Prices correct at time of press

If you’d like any advice on opting for a maintenance contract call V4B’s friendly advisors on 0800 0966 488 or email website@v4b.co.uk