Peace of mind with maintained lease vehicles

By Adele Barry
Peace of mind with maintained lease vehicles

Having a company car is something most of us can only dream of but did you know that by taking out maintenance with a lease vehicle you practically have all the benefits associated with a company car?

Those used to a company car will notice hardly any difference in the service offered and this is one of the reasons people opt for a lease vehicle which includes maintenance.

Spending a few extra pounds per month means replacement tyres are included along with a range other services such as oil changes, general servicing, air filters, clutch, brake pads, gearbox, air-conditioning and MOT.

The full range of services on offer will depend on your individual funder but most will provide a dedicated helpline team, online service booking and a collection and drop-off service.

Some funders even go as far as providing accident management services, de-damage control and warranty claim handling.


As our lease cars are all brand new, they all come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The length of warranty differs and depends on which manufacturer your car is from. Warranty periods vary from one year up to seven years on Kia models.

When the initial warranty runs out it is your responsibility to pay for any service or maintenance costs unless you opt to include maintenance as part of your lease contract.

The pandemic has created more issues than usual. We have heard reports of drivers having battery issues as their cars have stood still for long periods due to many more people working from home.

Low battery levels can affect different components in the car and functions such as the ‘stop start’ could stop working because of a low battery.

There have also been problems with some diesel models due to the diesel particulate filter. This type of filter is only found in diesel cars and drivers should regularly drive at speeds over 60mph to clean the filter out. The filters are fitted to models from 2009 and a blocked filter can cost thousands to repair.


Adding maintenance to a lease contract can add around £20 to £70 extra on the monthly rental but the peace of mind it brings during the contract is priceless.

Maintaining a vehicle on an ad-hoc basis can be expensive and is not something a lot of people consider when taking out a lease.

The price of including maintenance can vary depending on a range of factors such as what car you have, how many miles a year you drive and how long your lease is.

Someone with a Citroen C1, over 10,000 miles a year will only be looking at around £20 or so a month whereas a Range Rover Sport doing the same miles a year could be closer to £50 a month.

Just to give an idea, here are some examples of maintenance costs, all based on 10,000 miles per year, nine-month initial payment and a three-year contract:

Volkswagen Golf Hatchback 200 GTD DSG - £25.73pm

Ford Focus Hatchback 1.5 TDCI EcoBlue 120 ST Line X Edition - £24.93pm

Ford Transit Custom 280 L1 2.0TDCI 130 EcoBlue Limited - £28.71pm

Land Rover Range Rover Sport 3.0 D250 mHEV HSE Auto - £47.56pm

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