Speed camera thresholds have been released... Good, or bad?

By Alexandra Bryan
V4B in no way condone speeding and purely recognise the below as a conversational topic! It’s so important to always adhere to speed limits, after all they have been set at that limit for a reason. Don’t be ignorant to them, respect road speeds.

At the start of 2019, the internet was alight with unfounded rumours that some motorway speed cameras were able to issue a ticket if the 70mph limit was surpassed by just 1mph. Following this web-frenzy, Auto Express approached the 45 police forces with Freedom of Information Requests to ask how strictly their cameras enforced limits.

Surprisingly most of those who responded to the requests, confirmed the old rumour that the tolerance was 10% +2mph meaning that a camera in a 30mph zone could only be activated if someone was driving 35mph or more. This guide is inline with the prosecution guidelines from the Association of Chief Police Officers.

With less stringent thresholds, The Metropolitan Police follow 10% +3ph and say this is “a proportional response to the high volumes of traffic” in the capital. Lancashire Police also operate with this threshold and says that it has been done to “ensure greater tolerance or discretion”.

Although many were open to sharing thresholds, a number of forces were not willing to share their camera thresholds with Auto Express arguing that this could in fact encourage people to speed. Maybe they have a point…?

What do YOU think?

Police force, number of cameras and threshold

Avon and Somerset 41 10% + 2mph

Bedfordshire 38 Would not reveal threshold

Cambridgeshire 32 Would not reveal threshold

Cheshire 15 10% + 2mph

Cleveland 4 10% + 2mph

Derbyshire 18 10% + 2mph

Devon and Cornwall 98 10% + 2mph

Durham 0 fixed 10% + 2mph

Essex 63 Don't use a standard threshold

Greater Manchester 235 Would not reveal threshold

Gwent 21 10% + 2mph

Hampshire 36 10% + 2mph

Hertfordshire 53 Would not reveal threshold

Kent 109 10% + 2mph

Lancashire 34 10% + 3mph

Leicestershire 30 10% + 2mph

Merseyside 18 10% + 2mph

Metropolitan Police/TfL 805 10% + 3mph

Norfolk 26 10% + 2mph

North Wales 28 10% + 2mph

Northumbria 55 10% + 2mph

Nottinghamshire 48 Refused to confirm if threshold exists

Police Service of Northern Ireland 12 10% + 2mph

Scotland 173 Refused to confirm if threshold exists

South Wales 137 10% + 2mph

South Yorkshire 25 10% + 2mph

Staffordshire 286 Would not reveal threshold

Suffolk 4 10% + 2mph

Thames Valley 294 10% + 2mph

Warwickshire 28 10% + 2mph

West Mercia 23 10% + 2mph

West Midlands 33 Would not reveal threshold

West Yorkshire 402 10% + 2mph

This blog is based on other sources of information and may not be entirely accurate.

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash