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Inside Leasing Episode Three

Wow apologies for my absence the last few months with this blog! I feel like a Brussel Sprout, only seen once a year. Rumour has it not even people in Brussels' like sprouts, just sayin!

Confucius say "The most cruel thing on the planet is Katie Hopkins" but I am here to tell you it isn't, the most cruel thing on the planet is what is known in this industry as a "Rate Book" Imagine a spreadsheet so heffin that half the time when you try to edit things on it, it will just give up on you and crash! While Katie Hopkins needs no explanation I feel that a Ratebook does.

In this instance a ratebook is a spreadsheet containing thousands (double digit, no word of a lie!) of car and van prices on one profile, which I have to upload to our website, nice and quick process your thinking? Wrong! I delete some of the rows and add new rows so that I have to calculate with a formula to work out the 6+ and 9+ pricing from the 3+ pricing, and to cut a long story short I have to then upload that to the website, for BCH, PCH & Vans, it's the sort of thing that if given the choice between compiling it or sliding naked down a razor-blade ramp into a bowl of vinegar you would break out the Gillette Mach 3!

However, doing the ratebook is worth it as it brings in traffic to the website plus it makes time go quicker! A Matrix is similar except a Matrix has the prices usually already done for you, when I first started here after getting my head around the size of a ratebook I was then thrown into the world of a Matrix from a manufacturer we use, now this matrix was beautiful to me because all the prices were there, all I had to do was upload them to the website, oh wait! what's that?! "You have to get the cap codes from the ratebook and match them up to the correct car from the matrix" This was the single most soul destroying part of my job for a long time.

Imagine a car list of 300-700 (it varied) and having to go through each car on that list and find it on the ratebook to pull the cap code for that vehicle, because we cannot add cars in batches without cap codes and the matrix never used to come with them. Doing the matrix used to take me around three days! It felt like when your ironing and that pile just ain't going down. Enough about the above as I feel a rant coming on. Delighted to report that now the matrix has cap codes and the world is a better place to live because of it.

When you have two screens to do your job I quickly figured out why they call it a matrix because when you stare at two screens with numbers filling both pages, you start to feel like Keanu Reeves after the red pill (except far less agile and unable to pull off a pair of sunglasses or a leather coat) everything looks the same when you spend hours in front of a spreadsheet! You end up quoting Excel at people because it becomes your life.

One of the biggest pieces of insight into the motor industry I can give you before I wrap it up until next year is this...People seem to be under the impression that the start of each quarter is the best time to buy a car, NAE! If you do not care what numbers are displayed on your licence plate then the best time to get the best deals are at the end of every three month period. Not going to say why (can't give away all the secrets!) but trust me you can find some amazing deals at this time of the year (HINT HINT!)

I hope you all have a wonderful festive period and see you in the new year.

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Posted on 22nd December 2016 at 10:44 AM

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