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Vehicle leasing is often misunderstood by motorists with many not understanding the process and how it works. Aside from the sales department at V4B, the customer care team - CRAVE, which aptly stands for concern, regard, attention, vigilance and excellence, is one of the busiest within the business.

Dealing with daily queries, customer service manager, Kayleigh Evans heads up the team. Here she gives an insight into the team’s most commonly asked questions providing an insight into some of the most frequently asked questions about leasing.

•If I exceed the mileage allowance can I adjust it mid-contract?Yes. On contract hire agreements we can offer mileage amendments. In some cases, you can’t increase the mileage allowance until the contract is 12 months old. If you call the CRAVE department on 0800 0966 488 we can help with any mileage queries.

•Can I hand back the vehicle before my contract has ended?Yes, this is called ‘early termination’. All we need is your registration number and current mileage and we will be able to provide a settlement figure for you. Early termination fees may able but figures vary from funder to funder.

•I’ve had an accident what do I do?Call us immediately and we will log it onto your account. Then it is a waiting game to see if your vehicle is repaired or written off. If it is repaired the funder does not need to know, it is dealt with by your insurance company.If the vehicle is written off the funder will need confirmation from your insurance company. Unfortunately, they won’t accept it from anyone else including you as the contract holder. It is then left between your insurance and finance company to supply paperwork for a ‘written-off settlement figure’ and for your insurance to make an offer. If there is an overpayment this will be paid to you but if there is a short fall this will need to be paid by you.

•Do I have to replace my tyres with a like-for-like brand?No, they can be a different brand but MUST be the same grade.

•Do I have to visit a main dealer for a vehicle service?No. If you notify the garage that they must use manufacturer parts only , not like-for-like you can take it anywhere you choose.

•My contract hire car is due tax what do I do?Nothing. As the log book is in the finance company’s name they tax it for you for the term of your vehicle. Road fund licence/tax is including in your lease cost.

•I’m worried about damage on my vehicle what do I do?Always refer to the ‘Fair Wear and Tear Guide’. Funders usually have copies of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association’s (BVRLA) Fair Wear and Tear Guide. Call us and we can direct you to the appropriate website or guide you through it.

•How do I know if I’m due a service if it is based on the vehicle’s mileage and age?The requirements for servicing are clearly written in your hand book and service book. Each make and model is different so always check these for the correct intervals.

•What is a secondary rental?A secondary rental comes into play on finance lease agreements when you don’t pay the sales proceeds and supply an invoice of sale to a third party. For help on this contact CRAVE.

•Can I add a private number plate to my lease vehicle?Yes. Every funder has different procedures and costs just ask - but it is doable.

•I’m approaching the end of my contract, how do I book collection of the vehicle?For some funders, we can arrange this for you but with others they want to speak to the end user/driver direct. Call us and we can advise and guide you on our funders’ policies.

•Can I transfer my agreement?In some cases, you can ‘novate’ the agreement between parties. Our customer service team can advise further.

•Can you advise me about ‘fittings’ that can go on my vehicle?In normal circumstances items such as tow bars, decals and ply-lining can be fitted without issue.

•What happens at the end of my lease?It depends on your contract as there are several, each with different terms and conditions.

We have a dedicated email address to deal with end of lease queries – Use this to discuss:

•Your end of lease
•Complete a 2% end of lease
•Refinance a balloon
•Extend the lease
•Transfer a lease
•Mileage amendment
•Information on fair wear and tear
•Advice on excess mileage
•Book a collection
•Advice on servicing and intervals
•Early termination
•Or simply discuss your contract

For more information email

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Posted on 24th April 2017 at 11:15 AM

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