Are electric cars covered by roadside assistance services?

Are electric cars covered by roadside assistance services? Most definitely.

Today, the majority of prominent breakdown services extend their coverage to electric vehicles. Additionally, an increasing number of local garages are equipped to help electric car owners.

Electric vehicles boast a significant advantage over their petrol or diesel counterparts - they experience far fewer breakdowns due to their simpler mechanics. However, should an issue arise, rest assured that most breakdown services will promptly provide assistance. Whether it's sending a flatbed to transport your vehicle or attempting on-the-spot repairs, they've got you covered.

One common concern among electric car drivers is the fear of running out of charge. Should you find yourself in this predicament, most services will not only tow you to the nearest charging point but also some, like LV, offer a unique solution. With their innovative large batteries, they can provide your vehicle with a boost of charge, ensuring you make it to the nearest charger without delay.


Nevertheless, just like with traditional fuel-powered cars, it's essential to monitor your electric car's range and plan your journeys accordingly to minimise the risk of running out of charge unexpectedly. By staying vigilant and informed, you can enjoy the perks of electric vehicle ownership with confidence.