End of Lease Guide

What Happens At The End Of Your Lease?

Arrange Collection

At the end of your vehicle contract we will arrange collection of your vehicle, to do so, we will need your vehicle registration number, best time and date for you and collection address. We will then organise for your vehicle to be collected free of cost. Providing the vehicle is in a good, cared for condition the funder won't charge any penalties.

What should you look out for at the end of your lease?

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  • Examine the exterior of the vehicle.

Thoroughly check over the outside of your leased vehicle for any damage paying close attention to the alloys and paint work of the vehicle. Try to get any damage to the vehicle repaired before collection to avoid any charges.

  • Examine the interior of the vehicle.

Check the interior of the vehicle for any damage to the upholstery, stains or bad smells. Also check over any buttons or switches to ensure all equipment is working as it should be.

  • Remove all of your own items from the vehicle.

Remove all personal items from the vehicle to avoid losing them, this includes a private registration if fitted to the vehicle. How do I remove my private plate from my car or van?

  • We advise to have the vehicle cleaned.

In our experience, having the car professionally cleaned before collection makes it a smoother transaction. This allows the vehicle to be checked over easier and avoids any confusion.

  • Check all documentation and keys.

Ensure that all keys, documentation and locking wheel nuts that arrived with the vehicle also leave with the vehicle. The vehicle will need the main key and the spare key. 

Can I terminate my lease early?

If you're looking at returning your vehicle early then most of our leasing funders usually charge 50% of the remaining rentals. So, if for example you are paying £200 per month and you have 24 months or 2 years remaining of the contract then the leasing funder will charge £2,400 to end the contract early as appose to the £4,800 you pay if you were stay in that contract.

If you're looking to terminate your contract early due to a struggle to keep up with the monthly payments, get in touch with us to see if we can assist in any way. Alternatively ask us for your termination figure and we will provide this free of cost.

Can I extend my lease contract?

Yes, most leasing funders will allow you to extend your vehicle contract for up 12 months however some leasing funders won't allow you to extend the contract. You won't be able to start a new contract on your existing vehicle but you can of course take out a brand new lease on the same make and model of vehicle. Speak to a member of our customer support team on 0800 096 6588 for any further questions.