Terms & Conditions

This document sets out the Terms and Conditions under which we conduct our business.



We/Us/Our – V4B Ltd

You/Your – Person signing contract

P**– Regulated

B** – Unregulated

                CH – Contract Hire

                HP – Hire Purchase

                FL – Finance Lease

FCA – Finance Conduct Authority

BVRLA - British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Agency

ICO – Information Commissioners Office

Order Form – The contract between you and V4B Ltd

Funder – Finance Company

Dealer – Our source of vehicle

Processing Fee – Our charge to you for our services

Finance Agreement – The contract between you and the funder.

VED – Vehicle Excise Duty

OCS – Order Confirmation Statement

1.Who are V4B Ltd?

V4B Ltd specialise in Personal and Business Vehicle leasing having been in the industry 29+ years. We use our knowledge and relationships with manufactures, dealers, and funders to get you the best deal.

Our registered office is Ellkat House, Coed Aben Road, Wrexham Industrial Estate, Wrexham. LL13 9UH

We are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority – Firm reference 669956

         V4B Ltd are credit brokers and not a lender and are not linked to any of our lending panel member.

We are a member of the BVRLA (British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Agency) – Membership Number 895

V4B Ltd is a member of a group which includes V4B Ltd, Fleet Sauce Ltd, V4B Business Finance Ltd, R.A.D.S t/a The Car Shop, ACV Hire & Autolease Spain. Information is shared amongst the companies in line with our Data Policy.

We have Introducer/Appointed Representatives/Agents who act on our behalf. Information is shared between the Introducer/Appointed Representatives/Agents and V4B Ltd in line with our Data Policy.

2.What’s the process?

a) Quote

After a discussion with your Account Manager, they will send you a quote. Please review to ensure all details are as discussed. If you find any error, please notify your account manager so they can amend and resend. Please take note the Validate Date on the quote as this is set by the funder. Any quotes accepted after the Validate Date will need to be re-quoted to ensure the details are still valid and prices are the same.

b) Proposals

Once you select a quote, we will send you a Proposal Form. Once completed this is sent off to your selected Funder for approval. Should you gain acceptance the funder will request additional information in line with FCA Rules and Regulations. This may include but is not limited to Drivers Licence, Passport, bank statement, utility bills and any other proofs they see fit. For Business Contract Hire additional information may include but is not limited to the above plus Company Accounts and additional information on all company directors.

c) Credit Checking

By completing the Finance Proposal Form your are granting permission for V4B Ltd to submit your details to the selected funder who will conduct a Hard Search. Your Credit File may be locked which will inhibit the Hard Search. It is the customers responsibility to ensure that their Credit File is accessible. Delays to the finance application process may result in us having to send an update quote due to price changes.

Once approved the funder may put a timeline on the credit to ensure they are following FCA regulations on affordability. Should this happen, we will need your permission to re-apply for credit. Failure to provide permission or being granted credit will result in the order being cancelled and cancellation fee’s will be due as per section 5. If declined, we will look at alternatives. Your Account Manager will discuss this if necessary.

d) Order Form

Once we receive confirmation that your proposal has been accepted, we will send you your order form. This will include the following information

  1. Contract Type – B**/P** - CH, FL, HP
  2. Vehicle & Extra
  3. Monthly Rentals
  4. Initial Rental
  5. Maintenance
  6. End of Contract fees (Balloon)
  7. Information Notice (which requires signing)
  8. Terms and Conditions

This order form serves a dual purpose and holds dual contract obligations :-

  • Upon signing you are hereby entering into a contract with V4B Ltd, on an instruction from you to order as your supplier and agent for the goods detailed in the order form
  • Upon signing you are hereby entering into a contract with V4B Ltd to act as your agent and intermediary with a Funder/Contract Hire Company to supply the funding for the goods detailed in the order form

You are responsible for ensuring all the information is correct on the order form. V4B Ltd are not liable for any signed order forms which are found to have incorrect information on them.

Once you have read and are happy that all the information is as discussed with your Account Manager then sign and return. The documents can be signed via Zoho Sign or we can issue a PDF copy which can be signed and emailed to your account manager or posted to our registered address.

e) Vehicle Ordering

Upon receipt of the signed order form V4B Ltd will acknowledge the order and provisionally order/secure your vehicle. Upon receipt of the processing fee, we will then confirm the order with the dealer and/or funder and send you an OCS. The dealer may request payment upfront for optional extras, the Customer Support Team will contact you to advise if necessary. V4B Ltd and the Customer Support Team will keep you informed as and when we get updates from the dealer.

f) Processing Fee

Upon receipt of the signed order form, you will receive a Processing Fee Invoice emailed to the email address as your order form. Payment is due upon receipt on the invoice and can be made via Card or Bacs. If payment of the Processing Fee isn’t received within 5days of the invoice being issued the order will be cancelled, and cancellation terms enforced as per section 4. The Processing Fee is non-refundable.

g) Changes in your order

If at any point V4B Ltd are made aware of changes which will impact the order or future finance agreement you will receive 28days to cancel the order without penalty. Additionally, if changes occur which inhibit V4B Ltd from being able to fulfil any part of the order we reserve the right to cancel the order as per section 5. These changes include but aren’t limited to Manufactures price changes, Finance Rental, Changed in VED and discounts.

h) Funder Documents

Your finance agreement can be received anytime from ordering the vehicle to booking of delivery. The Customer Support Team will contact you when they need completing. We are unable to secure a delivery date until the finance documents have been signed and accepted. Please read the Finance Agreement carefully. You are responsible for ensuring all the information is correct on the Finance Agreement. V4B Ltd are not liable for any signed Finance Agreements which are found to have incorrect information.

Failure to sign and return the Finance Agreement will result in a cancellation as per section 4.

i) Arranging Delivery

When V4B Ltd are made aware the vehicle is available for delivery we will contact you to arrange a convenient date. Delivery will be arranged, and the vehicle driven to the address on the order form and must be signed for by the applicant. If you would like the delivery to be at an alternate address, if you require someone else to take receipt of the vehicle or if you would like to arrive on a truck/lorry please discuss with you’re the Customer Support Team. Cancelled deliveries may incur a penalty. If this occurs an invoice will be issued which will be due for payment upon receipt.

Dependant on the funder you may be required to pay your initial rental prior to delivery and/or a deposit which may be refunded after delivery. The Customer Support Team will advise at the time.

We aim to honour any Estimated Delivery Date issued; however, delays may happen due to forces outside of our control. Failure to honour the estimate delivery date does not constitute as a breach of the order/contract. V4B Ltd will not be liable for any loss, damages or costs incurred due to a delayed delivery.

If you have multiple vehicles on order V4B Ltd are not bound to deliver the vehicles in the sequence in which they were ordered.

j) Accepting the vehicle

When your vehicle is delivered, we advise all customers to thoroughly check the vehicle and that any optional extras selected are present before accepting the vehicle. If the damage is minor i.e small scratch and you are happy to accept the vehicle as is, please ensure the damage is noted on the handover sheet so you aren’t charged for the damage. If you are unhappy with the vehicle, please call V4B Ltd whilst the delivery driver is on site so we can advise you what to do. Please do not sign the delivery note until you have spoken to us as once its signed it is harder to resolve. V4B Ltd are not liable for any costs or damage incurred because of the car arriving damaged/missing items.

k) Maintenance

Maintenance can be added at the point of order. Further details of what is covered in your maintenance can be requested.

l) Vehicle Ownership

The vehicle’s registered owner will be the funder.

3.End of Contract or Contract Amendments

V4B Ltd may charge a processing fee up £100 + VAT to action any of the below. Payment is due upon receipt on the invoice and can be made via Card or Bacs.

The below is subject to funder/agreement – please contact your Account Manager to discuss.

Arrange collection

If you wish to end the contract on its contracted end date you will need to contact us to arrange collection. The dealer/funder will not automatically arrange collection at the end of the contract. If nothing is arranged at the end of the contract the funder will automatically place the car into an Informal Agreement and your monthly rentals may change. Please refer to your Finance Agreement for these charges.

Once a collection is arranged you will receive an email from the Funder (or via us) which will guide you through what is required before the car is returned. Any damage on the vehicle which is not deemed fair wear and tear may incur additional costs. Most funders follow the BVRLA’s guidance on Fair Wear and Tear. We recommend you visit www.bvrla.co.uk/guidance/fair-wear-tear for further information. If you have exceeded your contractual mileage allowance, you will be charged excess mileage as per your finance agreement. V4B Ltd are not liable for any charges which are incurred when a vehicle is returned. These charges are determined by the funder and/or appointed collection agent and will be invoiced directly to you.

Extensions or Purchase

If you wish to extend your agreement or purchase your vehicle at the end of the contract, please contact your account manager a month before the agreement end date to discuss.


Do you need to increase or decrease your mileage allowance? Contact your Account Manager and they will liaise with the funder to find out what options are available.

Novation’s & Transfers

If you need to amend any part of the finance agreement with the funder, contact your Account Manager and they will liaise with the funder to find out what options are available.

Private Plates

If you would like to put a Private Plate on the vehicle, contact your Account Manager and they will liaise with the funder to find out what options are available.

4.What do I do if I want to cancel?

Below outlines V4B Ltd cancellation policy & procedure only . Your selected funder and/or dealer may have cancellation terms of their own which will also be enforceable.

Our cancellation policy differs dependant on order type. This information can be found on your order form.

To cancel your order please email help@v4b.co.uk will your Name, Order Reference, Vehicle Ordered and Reason for Cancellation. Upon receipt of your cancellation request V4B Ltd will liaise with the funder and/or dealer and confirm any cancellation charges from them.

If no alternative recourse can be found and you continue with the cancellation your Account Manager will confirm your Cancellation Fee via email. Finance will issue the invoice within 24hours to the email address on the account. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice.

REGULATED - Personal Contracts

If you are a consumer, you have a legal right to cancel the contract under the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 within 14days of signing the order form.

If you cancel within the 14days of signing the order form no cancellation fee’s will be charged and the order cancelled. We are permitted by law to retain/pursue payment of the Processing Fee to cover costs we have incurred in processing your requests. The Customer Support Team will contact you within 14days to confirm the order has been cancelled successfully.

If you cancel after 14days of signing the order form V4B Ltd you will be charged 1 months rental as per your order form.

UNREGULATED - Business Contracts

If you cancel at any time after signing the order form V4B Ltd you will be charged 3 months rental as per your order form.

5.What happened if V4B Ltd cancel my order?

Below outlines V4B Ltd cancellation policy only and outlines the procedure if we cancel your order. 

If V4B Ltd cancel due to us not being able to fulfil your order, then we will email you a Cancellation Notice and the dealer/funder will be notified. You will not be liable for any costs from the dealer/funder.

For a full copy of V4B Ltd Cancellation Policy please email help@v4b.co.uk

6.What do I do if I have a complaint?

If you have a complaint about any aspect of our service, then we would like to hear from you.

How do I get in touch with V4B Ltd?

Phone : 0800 096 6488

Email :  help@v4b.co.uk    

Post :      Ellkat House

Coed Aben Road

Wrexham Industrial Estate


LL13 9UH

We aim to resolve all complaints however where we cannot resolve to your satisfaction you may be entitled to refer it to Financial Ombudsman Service.

How do I get in touch with the Financial Ombudsman Service?

Phone: 0800 023 4567

The phones lines are open between 8am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. At times, you might need to wait to speak to someone.

Online : https://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/contact-us/complain-online

You may also be able to benefit from BVRLA ADRS  (Alternative Dispute Resolution Service)

How do I get in touch with the BVRLA’s ADR service?

Email: complaint@bvrla.co.uk

Post:       Conciliation Service


River Lodge

Badminton Court




For further information on how we handle your complaint please request a copy of our complaints policy.

7.Additional Information

a) All prices are subject to VAT unless otherwise stated and subject to change in line with the government.

b) These terms and conditions are subject to review and amendment. To check which version your order is please check the bottom for version and date or email help@v4b.co.uk. New terms and conditions will be posted on V4B Ltd, and all customers will be notified via email should they be affected by the changes. If you would like to cancel due to the changes please email help@v4b.co.uk.

c) DPF Filter

Important information regarding Diesel vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

Diesel particulate filters significantly reduce harmful emissions and are vital for diesel vehicles meeting European tailpipe emissions, but care is needed when using this technology in predominantly urban driving conditions. You have been advised during the pre-order process of your responsibilities regarding DPF filters, therefore the V4B Ltd and dealers/funders will accept no responsibility for additional costs relating to DPF management and maintenance

d)Leaving the EU

If because of the UK leaving the EU, tariffs/duties are payable on the import of vehicles, all the vehicle manufacturers now reserve the right to change the price of the vehicle(s). If a manufacturer does increase the price, you will have an opportunity to cancel your order. This increase will not apply if your vehicle arrives in the UK prior to tariffs/duties applying.

e) Force Majeure

We shall be entitled to suspend or cancel our obligations under this agreement if we shall be prevented and/or hindered from fulfilling our obligations by strikes, lockouts, fire or failure by any manufacturer or supplier to supply a Vehicle or the theft of a vehicle, or any other event outside our control.

f) Commission Disclosure

The FCA expects any intermediary to disclose to the customer that a commission may be payable by the owner or creditor to the intermediary, and, if the customer asks, the amount of that commission.

The FCA has made it clear that "commission" means any financial consideration.

If you would like V4B Ltd to disclose any potential commission, please make your request to our head office address or by email to help@v4b.co.uk or by telephone: 0800 0966 488

g) Conflicts of Interest

If it is discovered that V4B Ltd or any of its Directors/Staff have a material interest in the business, you ask us to transact on your behalf we will make you aware. We will issue you a Conflict-of-Interest notice for you to review. If you are happy for us to process, please sign and return the document to help@v4b.co.uk

h) Data Protection & Confidentiality

V4B Ltd are registered with the ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) – Firm Reference ZA048218

V4B Ltd is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified when using our website, then you can be assured that it will only be used in accordance with our privacy statement.

V4B Ltd use the information provided to obtain quotes and arrange finance with a funder and arrange delivery with a dealer. The funder/dealer may request additional information to conduct credit searches on individuals and/or businesses that form part of the agreement. Further information on the funders Data Protection and Confidentiality can be found within their Terms and Conditions. V4B Ltd are not liable if a Data Protection or Confidentiality breach results from a Funder/Dealer error or omission.

V4B Ltd is a member of a group which includes V4B Ltd, Fleet Sauce Ltd, Business Finance, The Car Shop, ACV Hire & Autolease Spain. Information is shared amongst the companies in line with our Data Policy.

V4B Ltd has Appointed Representative /Agents who act on behalf of V4B Ltd. Information is shared between the Appointed Representative and V4B Ltd in line with our Data Policy.

All customer records are kept Private and Confidential therefor V4B Ltd reserve the right to give copies of your records rather than allowing access to files which could contain information of other customers.

If you would like to view the information V4B Ltd has on record, please email help@V4b.co.uk. We are required to confirm your identity before any information is disclosed in accordance with the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (POCA)

A full copy of our Data Protection & Confidentiality policy is available on our website or by emailing help@v4b.co.uk to request a copy.

i) All invoices issued are due for payment on receipt if invoice. Failure to make payment may result in the additional charges/interest being added.

j) For details of the applicable terms and conditions of the vehicle, please refer to the Manufacturer's warranty provided with the Vehicles. If you are a consumer, a Manufacturer's warranty is in addition to, and does not affect, your legal rights in relation to any Vehicles that are faulty or not as reasonably described. Advice about your legal rights is available from your local Citizens' Advice Bureau or Trading Standards office.