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Welcome to our comprehensive selection of business contract hire deals tailored for professionals seeking eco-friendly mobility solutions. At V4B, we specialise in offering flexible leasing options for electric vehicles (EVs), hybrids and plug-in hybrids (PHEVs). Whether you're looking to reduce your carbon footprint or benefit from lower benefit-in-kind tax rates, our range of vehicles is designed to meet your business needs efficiently.

Why Choose Business Contract Hire?

Business contract hire provides a cost-effective way for companies to manage their fleet with predictable monthly payments and minimal upfront costs. Leasing also allows businesses to access the latest automotive technology without the financial commitment of ownership.

Explore Our Top Electric and Hybrid Models

  • Tesla Model 3: A game-changer in the electric vehicle market, the Tesla Model 3 offers impressive range, cutting-edge technology, and acceleration that rivals traditional sports cars.

  • Nissan Leaf: As one of the most popular electric cars worldwide, the Nissan Leaf combines practicality with zero-emissions driving, making it ideal for urban commuting and business use.

  • BMW i4: Aimed at the very heart of the business sector, a car that incorporates all of the company's traditional brand values. And does so in a way that should appeal to EV customers looking for a more involving, individual choice in this segment.

  • Kia Sportage: Combining practicality with hybrid efficiency, the Kia Sportage PHEV offers impressive fuel economy and versatility, making it an ideal choice for business professionals.

  • Volvo XC60: The Volvo XC60 Recharge is a luxurious plug-in hybrid SUV that combines Scandinavian design with powerful hybrid performance, catering to both comfort and sustainability.

Benefits of Electric and Hybrid Contract Hire

  1. Environmental Impact: Reduce carbon emissions and contribute to corporate sustainability goals with zero-emission electric vehicles or low-emission hybrids.

  2. Cost Savings: Enjoy lower running costs, reduced fuel expenses, and potential tax incentives for eco-friendly vehicles.

  3. Flexible Options: Tailor your lease terms to match your business requirements, including mileage allowances, maintenance packages, and lease duration.

  4. Access to Latest Technology: Lease the newest electric and hybrid models equipped with advanced safety features, connectivity options, and efficient drivetrains.

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Ready to enhance your business fleet with eco-friendly contract hire solutions? Contact us today on 0800 096 6488 or send us an email at to explore our range of electric and hybrid vehicles, discuss leasing options, and schedule a test drive. Drive your business forward with sustainable mobility solutions from V4B.

Drive your business forward with eco-friendly contract hire solutions. Explore our range of electric and hybrid models, featuring top names like Tesla, BMW, Peugeot, and Volvo.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Leasing electric and hybrid cars offers several benefits, including lower operating costs due to reduced fuel consumption, tax incentives for eco-friendly vehicles, and access to the latest technology and safety features.

Yes, our business contract hire deals offer flexibility in lease terms, including mileage allowances, duration, and optional maintenance packages. Contact us to discuss customising a lease that suits your specific requirements.

Yes, electric and hybrid cars are ideal for business executives due to their efficiency, lower emissions, and cost-effectiveness. Models like the Kia Sportage offer a balance of practicality, comfort, and environmental responsibility.

Charging options vary depending on the vehicle. Most electric cars can be charged at home using a standard wall outlet or a dedicated home charging unit. Public charging stations are also widely available for longer journeys.

Electric and hybrid cars generally have fewer moving parts and require less maintenance than traditional internal combustion engine vehicles. Routine maintenance includes brake inspections, tire rotations, and periodic battery checks.

Businesses may qualify for tax incentives or deductions when leasing electric and hybrid cars, in many cases, businesses can claim tax relief on their lease payments, making it a tax-efficient way to acquire vehicles for commercial use. This can significantly reduce the overall tax liability for the company, freeing up capital to invest in other aspects of the business. Consult with your tax advisor for specific details.

Yes, we offer fleet leasing options for multiple electric and hybrid vehicles tailored to meet the needs of your business. Our team can assist in managing your fleet efficiently with flexible leasing solutions.

At the end of your vehicle contract we will arrange collection of your vehicle. The process is straightforward, and our team will guide you through your options as your lease term nears completion. For more details read our handy guide.

Electric and hybrid cars help reduce carbon emissions and support corporate sustainability initiatives by promoting cleaner transportation options. Choosing eco-friendly vehicles aligns with corporate social responsibility efforts and environmental stewardship.

Insurance rates for electric and hybrid cars may vary based on factors such as vehicle model, driving history, and location. However, some insurance providers offer discounts for eco-friendly vehicles due to their lower environmental impact and advanced safety features.