Can I put a private plate / registration on my leased car or van?

Can I put a private plate / registration on my leased car or van?

Yes, you can put a private plate on your leased vehicle. More and more of our customers are putting their private plate on their leased cars and vans as it's a great way to personalise the exterior of your vehicle. 

How do I put my private plate on my car?

There are four steps to putting your private plate on your leased car or van. 

  1. You must request permission from your leasing funder as they are the registered keeper on the vehicle. Most funders allow customers to put their private plate on their car.
  2. You now must send the relevant documentation to the leasing funder. If you have just bought the private plate and the plate hasn't been displayed on a vehicle before, you'll receive a V750. If you are transferring a private plate from one vehicle to another than you'll need to complete either a V317 or V778.
  3. The leasing funder of your vehicle typically have an administrative fee of between £25 and £100. This is usually payable once the documents have been approved by the funder but they can request payment prior to receiving any documents from you.
  4. Get your private plates made up and fit them to your vehicle and let your insurance know that the registration plate of the vehicle has changed.

Do I need to remove my private plate at the end of my lease?

Yes, before the your vehicle is collected you will need to remove your private plate. If you do not do this you risk losing the ownership of your private plate, to avoid this, see our guide to removing your plate below.

How do I remove my private plate from my leased vehicle?

At the end of your lease, you will be required to remove your private plate from your leased car or van. To do this, you must de-register the private plate from your vehicle.

Six weeks prior the end of your lease contract you should contact your leasing funder to let them know you want to remove the plate and retain ownership of the private plate. They'll then fill out a V317 and send it off to the DVLA for you. Once the plate is de-registered from the vehicle and the original number plate is registered to the vehicle again you will have to fit the original number plate and let your insurance company know of the change of registration.

Typically, the funder will charge an administrative fee to complete the de-registration of your private plate and the DVLA charge a retention fee of £80.


If you have any further question or would like to put your private plate on your vehicle give us a call on 0800 096 6488 or email your account manager.