What is Horsepower?

You have probably heard the term “Horsepower” many times when it comes to talking about cars. But have you ever wondered what it really is exactly?

Horsepower serves as a metric for quantifying the strength of an engine, playing a crucial role in determining the cumulative distance a vehicle can cover over its lifespan. Essentially, it provides insight into the speed at which your vehicle can efficiently perform tasks.

Horsepower, commonly referred to as brake horsepower (bhp) in the UK, is the primary measurement used to gauge a car's power output. However, it's essential to note that there's a distinction between horsepower (hp) and brake horsepower (bhp). While horsepower doesn't factor in friction losses within the engine, brake horsepower accounts for these losses, resulting in horsepower values consistently higher than brake horsepower. This differentiation is crucial in accurately assessing a vehicle's performance.

A Hyundai car driving on a road, demonstrating its powerful horsepower capability as it moves swiftly along the thoroughfare

Why should you consider the cars horsepower when buying?

Well horsepower affects how your car performs. Sat you purchased car with a not so powerful engine such as a 70hp one, it won’t accelerate very hard. Unlike a car which has a lot of power like 500ph or more will have a very strong acceleration. When it comes to this the weight of car has a large impact too as the heavier it is the more power is needed to move it.