The New 2024 BMW M5: First look at the plug-in-hybrid saloon

Take a closer look at the M5: Review and Specs of the New PHEV Saloon

The eagerly awaited seventh-generation New BMW M5 2024 has finally arrived. This stunning BMW M5 super saloon boasts a top speed of 190 mph and now features a plug-in hybrid system, all while retaining its powerful V8 engine. Join us as we take a closer look at this absolute beauty of a car.


The M5 is debuting its first plug-in hybrid vehicle (PHEV), but if you're worried it might compromise the M Sport experience, there's no need for concern. It still features a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine delivering 585 hp. It's no surprise that BMW has added battery power to the M5, given the increasing shift towards electrification in the automotive industry. Many sports cars are transitioning to lower-emission models, and the battery in this M5 has significantly reduced its emissions by nearly 300 g/km from the previous full-combustion engine BMW M5. The M5 Combined with the electric motor integrated into the eight-speed automatic gearbox, you get an impressive 727 hp. The standard top speed is 155 mph, but with the M Driver's Package, it can reach up to 189 mph. It's incredibly fast, with a thrilling exhaust note from the combustion engine. In hybrid mode, however, the car operates much more quietly.

The new M5 has seen a significant increase in weight, adding an impressive 500 kg to reach a total of 2,400 kg. This is likely due to the added hybrid battery, which provides a decent EV range of 45-46 miles using an 18.6 kWh battery. This makes it well-suited for daily commuting around town without waking everyone up. Thanks to the battery, the emissions of the M5 have dropped to just 34 g/km, resulting in a significantly lower Benefit-in-Kind (BIK) tax rate of only 8% for the 2024/25 tax year. This is a substantial reduction compared to the previous model, which emitted 324 g/km, making the new M5 far more affordable to tax.

The M5 has undergone a bit of a makeover on the outside, becoming wider mainly due to the flared front and rear wheel arches. These arches house 20-inch wheels at the front and 21-inch alloys at the rear. The most noticeable change is at the front, where the massive air intake in the lower bumper stands out. The BMW retains its iconic grille, now illuminated, which adds to the striking front design. At the back, the quad tailpipes protrude slightly, giving the car a very distinctive and elongated look.

Front view of a BMW M5, highlighting the grille, headlights, and bumper design.
Front grille of a BMW M5, showcasing the distinctive kidney grille design
Close-up photo of the quad exhaust system on a BMW M5,
Image of a hybrid BMW 5 series being charged.
Close-up photograph of a black carbon edition roof, featuring glossy carbon fiber weave texture under natural light.
Interior view of a BMW M5, showcasing the dashboard with digital displays, leather upholstery, and steering wheel with logo.
Close-up photograph of a V8 M5 engine, showing intricate metal components including cylinders, pistons, and intake manifold, with BMW branding visible

The M5 is available with an M Carbon Exterior Package, which includes carbon fibre mirrors, a lip spoiler, and a carbon fibre roof. Additionally, a panoramic glass roof comes standard with this M5, enhancing its luxurious appeal.

The interior of the BMW M5 is undeniably luxurious, exuding a sense of precision with its sporty feel and look. Upon entering, you'll notice the ambient lighting that creates a visually captivating experience with the typical M colours. The sport seats are both hugging and heated, ensuring comfort, while the M-specific steering wheel adds to the sporty atmosphere. The dashboard features animations that provide all the necessary information at a glance. Additionally, you can opt for the Driving Assistant Professional, which actively keeps you in your lane at speeds up to 130 mph and maintains a safe distance from other vehicles. The M5 can even park itself using your phone while you stand and watch, showcasing its impressive tech and convenience features.

The BMW M5 isn’t the cheapest option in the lineup, but for enthusiasts looking to experience its blend of luxury and performance, the starting price is around £110,000.